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I know there are a lot of recipes out there for how to make cake pops.  Here’s the way that’s worked best for me!  This yielded about 70 cake pops.  They are very easy but Time Consuming!  If you can recruit a helper for rolling the cake balls, it will save you a lot of time!

(1) You’ll need a small list of ingredients:

  • 1 box cake mix (any flavor) and whatever’s needed to bake the cake (oil, eggs, etc…)       

  • 1 container cake icing/frosting (again, whatever flavor you’d like)

  • lollipop sticks

  • Whatever you want to decorate with (writing icing, sprinkles, color sugars)

  • Florist Foam Blocks, or other Styrofoam (I cover mine with tissue paper)

  • Melting Candy (at least 2 bags, I use Wilson’s) *I noticed the pink/lighter colors melt WAY better than the red/darker colors.  If you want Red, mix 1/2 red & 1/2 pink, it’ll maintain its red color, but will be easier to work with)

(2) Now, preheat your oven & prepare the cake as directed.  Cook in a 13×9 inch pan.

(3) Let the cake cool…I give it an hour.

 (4) Crumble the cake into a large mixing bowl.  Add 1/2 the container of frosting (works best if you add small spoonfuls kind of spread out) and mix well.  I stir it by hand, but you could use a mixer.  You want the consistency to be smooth & try to eliminate all ‘dry’ cake spots.  If you need to use extra icing you can, but I wouldn’t recommend using the entire container…that will get too sticky. Once Mixed well, Refrigerate the ‘dough’ for 15 minutes.

 (5) Now, roll your cake balls and place them on parchment/wax paper on a cookie sheet.  You want them to be a little bigger than bite size, but if they’re too large, they won’t hold on the stick.  I used the larger size on a melon baller as a guide.  Roll them all now, placing each tray in the fridge as you fill it up.

(6) By the time you’ve finished your second (or third) tray, the first one you placed in the fridge should be ready.  Melt a small amount of the melting candies in a coffee mug, maybe 8-9 chips.  This is going to be used to coat the sticks so they’ll stay in the cake pops! Pull out the first tray you put it the fridge and dip a lollipop stick in to the melted candy & place it in the cake ball, about 1/2 way in.  Do this for the entire tray, then switch it out with the one in the refrigerator.  Once all the cake balls have sticks, melt a coffee cup full of melting candies (just add more to the cup you’re using).  I’ve learned a coffee mug is the Easiest thing to melt & dip in.  Another tip, use one of the lollipop sticks to stir the candies as you’re melting them…it’s easier than a spoon & you can leave it in the cup while microwaving!

 (7) Now that the sticks are secure in the cake balls, it’s time to dip & decorate!  You want the melted candy to be smooth, but Not Hot!  Dip the cake pop straight down into the coffee mug just until it touches the stick.  You should have enough melted that the cake pop doesn’t touch the bottom of the cup.  Dip straight down & pick straight up.  Let it hang upside down for a moment to drain, then slowly roll it around, letting the the excess candy drizzle back into the cup.   Now, place your cake pop in the styrofoam and grab the next one!  For adding color sugar or sprinles, apply immediately while the candy is still ‘wet’.  If you’re going to use writing icing, or drizzle with another color, wait for the coating to dry first.

I hope it works for you, it’s been really easy for me.  Good Luck & Enjoy!!!


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