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This sandwich is a lighter version of a lunch David and I had in Key Largo on our Anniversary trip.  Eating whatever you want is fine on vacation, but if we were going to adopt this into our dinner menu, I had to make a few substitutions!  So, here it is, a ‘lighter’ Mahi Reuben!


You’ll need Rye Bread (I looked and found the lightest, Arnold Brand had 80 calories per slice as opposed to some I saw with 120+), Fat Free Thousand Island dressing, a bag of cut cole slaw, 2% Swiss Cheese, and Mahi Filets.


Start by cooking the Mahi filets.  Thaw according to package, I season with Blackened Magic Redfish.  

I spray with cooking spray and add about 1 Tbs olive oil to the pan…

Cook on Medium heat about 4 min on each side.

Now, LIGHTLY – very lightly- butter the outside of the bread.  Remove the fish when done & clean pan (OR, grab a different one, like I did.)

Place butter side of bread down & start to build your sandwich.  First add 1 slice of 2% Swiss Cheese

Add fish…

Now add cole slaw (just dry, straight out of the bag, or you could saute it a little first in the pan you used to cook the fish), drizzle with Thousand Island dressing, add another slice of swiss (I did this on my Husband’s, but not mine), and top with 2nd slice of bread.

Cook on medium heat about 3-4min per side. Flip them Carefully, it will be a little messy!



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