Hello Adoring Fans!!! Oh, who am I kidding… hello family members and friends that I specifically gave my web address to. And, hello people who followed a Pinterest link to get here! My name is Christine Palmer. I am an attorney in Atlanta, GA who likes cooking and entertaining WAY more than practicing law, hence this site. My husband calls me “Wifestine”, which is my graduation from “Bridestine”, the name he gave me while we were engaged and wedding planning. You’ll hear me talk about him a LOT. His name is David and he’s not just my Husband. That man is the Love of my Life, my best friend, my partner-in-crime, and the poor victim of a lot of my ‘DIY’ ideas! Luckily, most of my recipes are awesome, so he gets paid in food. And Love.

May 6, 2011



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